Monday, May 04, 2009

Just As The Seat's Becoming Warm...

... I just went and pulled another Houdini! Something is wrong with this particular blogspot... it has been acting up pretty strange lately. It's been irritating so I've created another blog. Since I've got 2 official blogs running, I've decided to call the new one simply Jongandhi III.

With this new blog of mine, there will be simply the bare essentials to work with. I'm not particular anymore about how my blog looks like; I just simply want to post stuff that finds my fancy. And no Ad-Sense for me! I just couldn't figure out how that works!

Looks like I'm saying goodbye again to this blogspot! But this time I won't promise anything; I might come back or I might not.

It doesn't really matter anyway. Be good everybody!



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Perak BN MB Engage Bomoh Service? - MalaysiaKini SMS 04/05/09

4/5: PAS Titi Serong state rep Khalil Idham Lim has accused Perak BN MB Zambry of employing a bomoh to remove Perak speaker V Sivakumar./MKINI
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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Visiter Tested A(H1N1)Negative In Penang - MalaysiaKini SMS 03/05/09

3/5: A New Zealander in Penang who complained of being unwell and was warded yesterday has tested negative for the A(H1N1) deadly flu./MKINI
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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Swine Flu Hits Asia - MalaysiaKini SMS 02/05/09

2/5: Swine flu hits Asia. Hong Kong - entire hotel quarantined after traveler tested positive; South Korea - a woman also tested postive./MKINI
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Muslim Convert Challenges Govt's Conversion Ban - MalaysiaKini SMS 30/04/09

30/4: Muslim convert K Patmanathan has filed suit challenging the recent cabinet decision to ban parents from secretly converting children./MKINI
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To: go@blogger
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Just testing whether this post would able to reach this blog via my trusty BB Bold.

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Back Again...

...And I just cannot keep away from Blogger!

Well, at the end of the day simplicity is always the order of the day. No, I shall not indulge myself in Wordpress-bashing because I'm still keeping my site there active. Just think of it as having a few homes around web!

Pros and cons, ladies and gentlemen, pros and cons. So okay, I'll start write something here soon whenever I get some free time.

I feel so at peace here without the clutter!

Oh by the way....

I heard that Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Raymond Tan will be joining......

(Drum rolls...)


See ya later! :)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Announcement : Wordpress it is.

I've made my final plunge and have moved on to Wordpress. I've thought hard about shutting down this site. In the end I've decided to keep it for good times' sake. After all Blogger did opened the doors to the ever expanding blogosphere for me. 

So from now on, Blogger shall become a library of sorts. I've been trying to export The Jongandhi Blog over to Wordpress but somehow features like video embedding for Blogger doesn't work for Wordpress. For instance, with Youtube, Blogger uses 'embed' whereas Wordpress uses 'URL'. So the Blogger postings with video can still be viewed here.

Anyway, I am now posting daily (whenever possible :) ) at The Jongandhi Herald and I'll catch y'all later.


John Gandhi,
The Jongandhi Blog
September 2008 - February 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Yes its that time again where the hard-working and industrious Chinese will be having their long breaks.

As usual, none of the Chinese shops are open (I'm posting this from an Indian coffee shop by the way awaiting my roti canai takeaways).

The Chinese has been contributing to our nation's economy even before the formation of Malaysia.

Now with the current political situation, we see the main 3 races; Malay,Chinese and Indian are at logger-heads with each other due to various reasons.

With that, I hope that this year will see some stability and of course prosperity in our nation. This can only be achieved through peace and understanding of one another.

I'm thankful that in Sabah, we still have the open-mindedness between races. The year has only started and the challenges are numerous. Unity within the state is crucial so I hope and pray that good things would come to pass.

Once again I would like to wish everybody a Happy Chinese New Year and may all of you will become blessed with health and prosperity.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bernama SMS 22/01/09

KL 22/1: ASLI senior fellow in economis Dtk Gan Khuan Poh says M'sia economy will grow 5 pct this year/BERNAMA
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MalaysiaKini SMS 20/01/09

20/1: The High Court will decide on Feb 13 regarding which court is to hear blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin's criminal defamation case./MKINI

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sabah AG Quits : MalaysiaKini SMS 19/01/09

19/1: Sabah AG Antony R Fernandez, who quit last Friday, denied his decision is linked to legal wrangle over 'Goddess of the Sea' statue./MKINI

Israel Withdraws - MalaysiaKini SMS 19/01/09

Israel began withdrawing from Gaza as Palestinians count the cost of deadliest-ever offensive in the impoverished coastal strip./MKINI

Saturday, January 17, 2009

PAS Wins KT: Updates From Malaysia Today (Final)

Got these results from here

PAS strengthens lead at 9.25pm with 2,631 votes

As of 9.25pm, PAS's candidate Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut leads with 2,631-vote majority.

Updates From Malaysia Today (2)

Got this results from here 

Latest from the PAS IT centre:

PAS won by 2,616 (unofficial)

Updates From Malaysia Today

Got this results from here

Latest from the PAS IT centre:

PAS = 24,604

BN = 22,380

PAS leading by 2,224 (or is that 2,055?)

MalaysiaKini SMS 17/01/09 (5)

17/1: KT by-election: PAS has extended its lead to 1,007 votes. Latest count from sources - PAS (19,487 votes), BN (18,480), Ind (117)./MKINI

MalaysiaKini SMS 17/01/09 (4)

17/1: KT by-election latest count: PAS leading by 778 votes. PAS (16,795 votes), BN (16,795), Ind (107). 40 pct of votes yet to be tallied./MKINI

MalaysiaKini SMS 17/01/09 (3)

17/1: KT by-election: BN is leading PAS slightly in early count. As at 7pm, both key candidates are at neck-and-neck./MKINI

MalaysiaKini SMS 17/01/09 (2)

17/1: Kuala Terengganu by-election: Polling closed at 5pm. Voter turnout around 80 pct. Counting to begin at 5.30pm. Results later tonight./MKINI

MalaysiaKini SMS 17/01/09

17/1: KT by-election: Polling day - both Umno and PAS candidates voted soon after polling began at 8am. Polling to close at 5pm./MKINI

Friday, January 16, 2009

MalaysiaKini SMS 16/01/09 (2)

16/1: EC chief Abdul Aziz Yusof refused to state reason for shocked resignation of KT by-election returning officer Mat Razali Kassim./MKINI

MalaysiaKini SMS : 16/01/09

16/01: A Universiti Malaya student found two pig heads placed on a PAS flag in a surau located in the Islamic studies dept this morning./MKini

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Proton Savvy : Thailand Top 10

This is what I got in my sms today:
"14/01 : Proton Savvy has been voted as Thailand's top 10 cars in 2008 by The Nation's car writers/Bernama SMS."

Not bad Proton! This 'miracle car' a term coined by others due to its fuel saving features is definitely earning its title in spades!

Just to let you guys know that this car is great to drive around in especially when we need to run errands in the city. As you know one of KK City's main problem is parking and this little dude can squeeze into any legal corner available. Being an owner (mine is red but I wanted black hence the picture) I find it extremely useful and friendly towards the contents of my wallet! 

I've tried searching for the report at The Nation website but to no avail. Instead I went over to the Bernama website and there it was. I suppose the story that was featured has not yet been released in its web-form.

I suppose that I'm feeling pangs of joy when I read this news. But in my honest opinion, the quality of Proton cars today isn't as robust and durable as the classic Proton Saga (1st Generation)...

Anyway, if given a choice right now, I'd jump at a Toyota anytime. It would either be a Toyota Yaris...

...or a Toyota Vios as shown below;

Meanwhile, I just have to be content with what I have. My Savvy is definitely easy on the fuel consumption especially during these rough times. However sometimes I feel the little car might conk out anytime while on the road (it happened before)! I suppose this is what you get when you buy a cheaper car, it has high features in certain parts and low in everything else!

I had the opportunity to test drive a Toyota Vios and it felt great! So that's the reason for my preference... oh well, I hope that this year's fortunes will be positive...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ol Ai Wan Fo Krismas...

I know I'm a bit behind about the timing of this post but I couldn't resist...

....And something for you dog lovers out there....

fail owned pwned pictures

Bernama SMS 12/01/09 (2)

PJ 12/1: MAS prepares to use biofuel if it is proven commercially viable. Now many airlines are testing the usage, says its MD Idris Jala/BERNAMA

Bernama SMS 12/01/09

JB 12/1: CIMB Bank targets to approve at least RM6.8 bln business loans this year, similar to 2008. It sees no contraction in lending activity/BERNAMA

MKini SMS 12/01/09

12/1: A successful entrepreneur has accused Tourism Ministry?s Pempena of victimisation, corruption and financial irregularities.Exclusive!/MKINI

Friday, January 09, 2009

MKini SMS 09/01/09 (3)

Protest: 5,000 marched to US embassy. Hundreds put US, Israeli flags on fire in Kpg Baru. Mahathir spoke to crowd in National Mosque./MKINI

MKini SMS 09/01/09 (2)

AirAsia: A fire broke out at LCCT terminal at 11.15am, forcing evacuation of passengers and staff, and the suspension of flights/MKINI

MKini SMS 09/01/09

Mahathir Mohamad: Both candidates from Umno and arch-rival PAS are not the best choices for Jan 17 Kuala Terengganu by-election./MKINI

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Somewhere In Time by John Barry (1980)

John Barry is the composer who wrote the musical scores for the James Bond movie series, the Charlie Chaplin bio-pic Chaplin and this favourite of mine, Somewhere In Time which was starred by the late Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour. The story is about a man who travelled back in time from the year 1979 to the year 1912 to search for the lady whose photograph he fell in love with. The ending was sad because... hey I won't spoil the plot; if you guys are really interested check the movie out over at YouTube...

Below is the original theme music to Somewhere In Time

While I was checking out the original version I also came across a guitar piece by Maestro Jose Valdez of whom I think is from the Philippines . I'm impressed enough to post his video here. It's an excellent guitar piece too bad about the background noise and all:

The next version by Ernie Vasquez, though not as full as the one above, was the one that inspired me to seek out the guitar tablature of this song. This version sounds sweet and easy...

If weren't for John Barry's music, the film wouldn't have any impact at all. In this case, the music helped the movie a lot. If the music were to be mediocre, even Superman himself won't be able to save the day... (Okay, okay... the time traveling theme is good but its predominantly a love story and with romance, one needs to have the mood... I'm getting ahead of myself and it's not even Valentine's Day yet!)

Anyway, do check 'em out to remind ourselves that love is still a force to be reckoned with and there's more to life than watching the upcoming by-elections this year... 

MKini SMS 08/01/09 (2)

8/1: Govt has withdrawn a ban on The Herald that prevented it from publishing its Malay-language edition in a row over the use of 'Allah'./MKINI

Dangerously Flirting With Wordpress...

I was just fiddling around's blogging features. I find it to be more sophisticated and user friendly in comparison to I spent a couple of hours with it including importing information off this blog site to It can import my pictures but not my embedded videos and music. I guess I'd have to do it manually.

Anyway, I'm not yet ready to say bye-bye to Blogger cos it has its uses especially the go@blogger features which is essential for this blog. So maybe once Wordpress improves its mobile blogging I might consider crossing-over. So I shall stay on here...for now.

If you're slightly curious about the blog-site check out Jongandhi's Weblog. It's nothing much. Just a copy of this blog. I'm still experimenting with it.

This is fun. :)


MKini SMS 08/01/09

8/1: Govt plans another economic stimulus package in addition to RM7 bil it unveiled last year: Finance Minister 2 Nor Mohamed Yakcop./MKINI

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

MKini SMS 07/01/09 (2)

7/1: DAP's Fong Kui Lun retained Bukit Bintang parliamentary seat after challenger Dr Lee Chong Meng withdrew his appeal in Federal Court./MKINI

Back To School Blues Part 2

Hokay. I'm back waiting for kid number 2 to finish class. I've sent kid 1 home already (we just live nearby so its cool).

Anyway, last night my kid needed help with his homework i.e Pendidikan Moral. I was disturbed to find out the only religion that was left out was Ugama Kristian. The rest are all there; Islam,Hindu,Buddha and Sikh. I had a hard time explaining to the poor confused child about our missing religion(the child's father is equally confused and poor by the way).

There are so many questions about issues that need answers in our country. And this is one of them... Why is Ugama Kristian is absent from Pendidikan Moral Darjah 4?

You know it would be very easy if I gave up Christianity in favour of Islam. The things that I'm doing now would have been super-smooth. Last year, a friend of mine converted to Islam because she wanted marry her Muslim boyfriend. A person forced to be converted to another religion in order to marry...

You know that writing about this is very depressing. Of course it is the Education Ministry's tactic to increase Islamisation of the whole nation. They go after our kids.

You want to talk about morality?

Okay, lets go.

Where is the moral in allowing a man to marry 4 times? Won't that bring hurt and disharmony to the 1st family? Of course it will! We are dealing with human feelings. Recently a family member of mine was abandoned by her muslim husband because he wanted to marry another woman. But what can she do? Complain?

Anyway that aside, we are stuck in a country full of bigots and hypocrites. It breaks my heart everytime I think about it.

Okay. Gotta go now. Kid 2 is out from class. Catch up later.

MKini SMS 07/01/09 (2)

7/1: Court of Appeal dismissed prosecution's appeal against acquittal of Gombak MP Azmin Ali for perjury in ex-DPM Anwar Ibrahim's trial./MKINI

Back To School Blues

I'm now outside my children's school waiting for them to finish. Both my kids are at the same school so its very convinient for us to fetch them. The only grievience that I may have is that I have pick them up at 2 separate times! Talk about being stressed this week! One comes out at 12 pm and the other at 1 pm. I'm still adjusting to this new arrangement the new year has given us.

I shall try not to complain :0)

Anyway, whoops... Gotta go...kid number one just came out...

MKini SMS 07/01/09

7/1: A Suhakam inquiry panel today ruled that the police had used excessive force during Bandar Mahkota Cheras fracas on May 27 last year./MKINI

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

MKini SMS 06/01/09 (4)

6/1: Due to public pressure, conglomerate Sime Darby announced it would pull out from a plan to take over National Heart Institute (IJN)./MKINI

Bernama SMS 06/01/09 (2)

6/1 KL: Sime Darby will not pursue plans to acquire any stake in Institut Jantung Negara owing to public sentiment against the deal/BERNAMA

MKini SMS 06/01/09 (3)

6/1: Police decided not to charge 5 T'ganu PKR Youth members who were arrested yesterday for putting up posters of Altantuya Shaariibuu./MKINI

Bernama SMS 06/01/09

6/1 KL: Frost & Sullivan says M'sia's auto sales to drop 8.1 pct to 501,500 units in 2009 due to econ slowdown & limited new model launches/BERNAMA

MKini SMS 06/01/09 (3)

6/1: KT by-election: Returning officer Mat Razali Kassim dismissed all 4 objections and confirmed the 3 candidates for Jan 17 polls./MKINI

MKini SMS 06/01/09 (2)

6/1: KT by-election: One independent candidate Azharudin Mamat in addition to PAS and Umno. Nomination closed. Objection period: 10-11am./MKINI

MKini SMS 06/01/09

6/1: Nomination day: Umno's Wan Ahmad Farid and PAS? Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut arrived at 9am at the nomination centre for KT by-election./MKINI

Monday, January 05, 2009

MKini SMS 05/01/09 (3)

5/1: KT by-election: Mahathir Mohamad criticised Wan Ahmad Farid selection as BN candidate, saying he's a 'proxy' for outgoing PM Abdullah/MKINI

Bernama SMS 05/01/09 (2)

5/1 KL: AirAsia to launch big regional sale for local & int'l destinations from Jan 6-18 Jan for travel period between Feb-June 2009/BERNAMA

Bernama SMS 05/01/09

5/1 KL: Public Bank's wholly-owned subsidiary Public Mutual has declared a gross dividend of 7.5 sen for its Public Savings Fund for 2008/BERNAMA

MKini SMS 05/01/09 (2)

5/1: MIC?s education arm MIED is rocked by a financial scandal over alleged awarding of contracts to cronies of a top leader./MKINI

MalaysiaKini SMS 05/01/09

5/1: Five PKR youth members were arrested in K Terengganu for putting up posters of murdered Mongolian woman, expected to be released soon/MKINI

Friday, January 02, 2009

MalaysiaKini SMS 02/01/09

2/1: PKR lodged report relating to a slew of cases involving top politicians to test newly-minted Msian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)./MKINI

Of Holidays, Cockroaches And New Year...

I'm now at the office though I don't know why I even bothered turning up at all! 

We just had a holiday yesterday and today is a working day then tomorrow will be the weekend (?). Not many people are at the offices today and everybody is still recovering from last night's parties. Maybe they are still partying today. 

Anyway, I was reading Tun Mahathir's blog when he touched upon the issue whereby we have too many holidays. I have to agree with him because it does indeed saps a person's enthusiasm for work. I called my friend today and he told me that he was sick, sick of not working! Apparently he was at home for the past few days. I must admit I myself was bored because all the guys I hang out with were busy doing their family thing. I even find myself completing 2 XBox 360 games within the past 2 weeks!

All that aside, I'm glad that most of my family and friends made it to the New Year of 2009. I have indeed lost some relatives and friends last year but I suppose that is what life is all about. Another friend returned my call (see what I mean?) and told me he has to attend a funeral that is going to be next door to a wedding reception tomorrow. He also told me he is going to both of them. The person who died was a young guy at age 31 who didn't drink nor smoke but succumbed to cancer. Then I said to him that we the drinkers and smokers are still around because we have developed the survival aspects of the cockroach...

Speaking of survival, a former Sabah State Minister was sentenced to 6 months jail by the Kota Kinabalu High Court for criminal intimidation. The sentence was to take place today but the former minister applied for stay of execution in order to appeal against the High Court's decision to the Court of Appeal. So he was released on RM 5,000 bail. Read more here.

I will be looking forward to a productive New Year of 2009 next week. As for now, I'll just stay on at the office to jot down few notes to plan for my company's direction.

Happy New Year Everybody And May God Bless You All! 

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