Wednesday, December 03, 2008

MalaysiaKini SMS 03/12/08 (3)

3/12: Anwar Ibrahim said it was up to sacked Umno member Zaid Ibrahim to decide if he wanted to join PKR or any other opposition party./MKINI

MalaysiaKini SMS 03/12/08 (2)

3/12: MCA No 2 Chua Soi Lek was questioned by police for 40 minutes relating to his controversial remarks on 'Ketuanan Melayu'./MKINI


The nation's political intrigue has become increasingly irritating and tiresome. There should be other aspects of life that we should be cherishing instead of just politics. After saying that, I will be looking to change the tone of this blog site. I will still update this site with SMSes from MalaysiaKini and Bernama but I shall also add other topics of which I may find interesting.

I suppose when one grows older, the interests too will change. 

It is nearly Christmas and soon we will be celebrating New Year's Day with family and friends. 
It has been a tough and an eventful year. Everybody deserves a break. Even this blog. 

When I first started this blog, I wanted it to be about "A FEW PIECES ABOUT HERE,THERE AND EVERYWHERE".

However due to the turn of events, like the rest of Malaysia I too got caught up with the political turbulence. Now I feel I want to move on. So what if Pakatan Rakyat finally takes over? Will it change my world?

Anyway, I want to explore other aspects of life like environment awarenesses, business opportunities like tourism industries, the arts etc.

So okay now I shall begin, casually, selecting the topics of which I want to write about.

Bernama SMS 03/12/08 (2)

3/12: EPF's investment income down 60.4% to RM2.06 bln in Q3 compared to Q2 as equity income fell to RM1.26 bln from RM2.54 bln/BERNAMA

Bernama SMS 03/12/08

3/12: Petronas has no plan to cut back its exploration activities despite volatile economic environment/BERNAMA

MalaysiaKini SMS 03/12/08

3/12: Federal Court put off habeas corpus appeal by Hindraf 5 under ISA as their lawyer, Karpal Singh, was suffering from food poisoning./MKINI

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