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2/1: PKR lodged report relating to a slew of cases involving top politicians to test newly-minted Msian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)./MKINI

Of Holidays, Cockroaches And New Year...

I'm now at the office though I don't know why I even bothered turning up at all! 

We just had a holiday yesterday and today is a working day then tomorrow will be the weekend (?). Not many people are at the offices today and everybody is still recovering from last night's parties. Maybe they are still partying today. 

Anyway, I was reading Tun Mahathir's blog when he touched upon the issue whereby we have too many holidays. I have to agree with him because it does indeed saps a person's enthusiasm for work. I called my friend today and he told me that he was sick, sick of not working! Apparently he was at home for the past few days. I must admit I myself was bored because all the guys I hang out with were busy doing their family thing. I even find myself completing 2 XBox 360 games within the past 2 weeks!

All that aside, I'm glad that most of my family and friends made it to the New Year of 2009. I have indeed lost some relatives and friends last year but I suppose that is what life is all about. Another friend returned my call (see what I mean?) and told me he has to attend a funeral that is going to be next door to a wedding reception tomorrow. He also told me he is going to both of them. The person who died was a young guy at age 31 who didn't drink nor smoke but succumbed to cancer. Then I said to him that we the drinkers and smokers are still around because we have developed the survival aspects of the cockroach...

Speaking of survival, a former Sabah State Minister was sentenced to 6 months jail by the Kota Kinabalu High Court for criminal intimidation. The sentence was to take place today but the former minister applied for stay of execution in order to appeal against the High Court's decision to the Court of Appeal. So he was released on RM 5,000 bail. Read more here.

I will be looking forward to a productive New Year of 2009 next week. As for now, I'll just stay on at the office to jot down few notes to plan for my company's direction.

Happy New Year Everybody And May God Bless You All! 

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