Monday, November 24, 2008

Bernama SMS 24/11/08 (2)

24/11: Bank Negara reduces overnight policy rates to 3.25 pct. Ceiling and floor rates reduced to 3.50 pct and 3.00 pct/BERNAMA

MalaysiaKini SMS 24/11/08 (4)

24/11: Unesco warned Penang could lose its newly-acquired world heritage status because of a row over plans for four high-rise hotels./MKINI

MalaysiaKini SMS 24/11/08 (3)

24/11: Parliament deputy speaker denied Anwar Ibrahim's motion to discuss the problem of negative foreign investment inflow into Malaysia./MKINI

MalaysiaKini SMS 24/11/08 (2)

24/11: Police bail on 24 people arrested at Nov 9 candlelight vigil in PJ has been cancelled - an indication that no action will be taken./MKINI

MalaysiaKini SMS 24/11/08

24/11: High Court acquitted Irene Fernandez for maliciously publishing false news on deaths of illegal immigrants in detention camps in 1995/MKINI

Bernama SMS 24/11/08

24/11: ASN declares 7 sen income distribution for asn 3 for financial year ending Nov 30, 2008. It have 10,511 unitholders/BERNAMA

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