Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I just got back from visiting a friend who is undergoing dialysis treatment. When he showed me the areas on his body poked and prodded, I felt sick and sad.

I felt sick because of the dehumanization that he has to endure in order to prolong his life. I can't imagine being in a situation where my kidneys failing and heavily dependent on machines to keep me alive.

My friend looked so fragile. I remember back in 1999, he was the fittest among his peers and looked good with his muscles bulging. Then suddenly in 2004 his kidneys failed him. Now his undergoing dialysis.

The treatment is expensive but then again, aren't they all?

He needs money to keep going.

When the money ends, he ends too.

That's why I felt sad.

His advice to me is to drink lots of water.

He also told me to lose weight... but that's another post altogether!

I started thinking on ways how we can rectify this problem within our society. Perhaps since I'm in an NGO we might be able to help organize a fundraising in aid of dialysis research in order to keep the cost low. Refer to link below;

Anyway, this topic will be expanded upon later. For now, all I can say that our friend is being positive and time to time I'll drop by over his place/phone just to see how he's doing.

I'm now finding myself appreciating life each day for it is so short. There's so much to do in so little time. We should make the most of living life. 

More on this next time. Meanwhile please check out Living With Dialysis


I feel deeply sorry for the gentleman above; he was emotionally charged and the people who pushed his buttons are now gloating with glee. I am pretty sure that once he has the opportunity to ponder upon his actions, he'd be quietly embarrassed that he was politically manipulated.

At a different time and place,  he would probably be the most pleasant person to sit down and to have coffee with. Probably he spends his time doing charity works and all sorts of other things.

Anyway we would never ever know.

People only remembers the worst things about other people.

Remember this classic?

Instant hit, right?

And now the only thing that 27 million Malaysians are going to remember forever is just this one...

Hidup Malaysia...

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