Friday, September 12, 2008

ISA : Insecured Stupid Arseholes

 Raja Petra Kamarudin

I read the news today, oh boy!

RPK got arrested by ISA!

Just a few days ago, Ahmad Ismail who caused obvious racial tension with full media coverage galore, which by right, should also merit an ISA treatment, received a mere 3 year suspension from UMNO.

RPK, who blogged about his 2 cents worth (which is the truth by the way) of how messed up this country is, is starting his first day rotting away in ISA.

We don't know for how long this time but this wanton act of bias and abuse is truly ridiculous. The government should be matured enough already to realise that people aren't backwards anymore. And that the word 'control' is a dirty one. They should learn to work with the new Malaysia instead of resorting to Gestapo tactics and curtail every bit of negative comments they would see as acts of sedition. The government by imprisoning RPK just shows everybody around the globe as an immature and insecure spoil brat.

The internet represents the people's inner thoughts. To take that away is to kill an individual's will to innovate in becoming a better person.

I sometimes disagree with RPK's postings but that is his way in expressing his heart and soul, be it right or wrong, that's just his own opinion. You want to win points with the man, do so within a debate so that both sides may be allowed to challenge each other, so its outcome may bring forth solutions to further advancing this nation's growth.
 Ahmad Ismail

Meanwhile, the government left Ahmad Ismail alone, he who stoked the racial flame and who can easily recreate May 13 in this generation.

I find myself already numbed by the double standards that are currently being practiced by this government.

Like many Malaysians right now, I am also waiting for the change of September 16 that was promised by Anwar Ibrahim. I don't know much about Anwar Ibrahim but right now any form of change is good enough for me.

Anything is better than the current regime!

Cool Rider

I was at the Hyatt a few nights ago when I witnessed a convoy of big bikers rode past us to chill at a coffee house nearby.

I didn't know who this guy was at first. But I can tell you that it was cool the way he led his group with his yellow BMW big bike (cannot say whether its a sportsbike or not). I can't remember much of the others but a few of them were riding Harley Davidsons and BMWs. That alone was impressive. I knew that they were rich because of the location so that didn't faze me.

However when the leader with the yellow BMW removed his helmet, I couldn't believe who I saw... I had to get my wife to confirm of who this guy was.

Anifah Aman.

That's right. 

THAT YB Datuk Anifah Aman.

Member of Parliament for Kimanis.

You know the type of cool guy in school that you looked up to when you're kid? Well, I felt that way when he walked passed us. Cool guy with a cool bike!

To para-phrase Mr Mugatu from the 2001 movie Zoolander;

"Anifah Aman! He's so hot right now! Anifah Aman!"

Keep riding Datuk!

An Night Out

Some friends wants me to join them for a drinking session on next monday at a local pub. 
I was okay with that at first however I'm now having second thoughts. I can't help thinking about these friends' motives and their hidden agendas.

They will be entertaining some people from a government institution which is definitely business motivated. And they will need some clout to seal the deal. And I believe that's where my presence comes in the picture.

I don't mind helping my friends at all but I don't like it when I'm being manipulated into it.

What is pissing me off right now is that they are not coming out clean with me. Why can't they just come out and ask? 

I know how this sounds so petty about the importance I place about a night out and having few drinks. The problem is a family member of mine is a pretty influential person in government. From past experiences, people are always trying to get us do things that are to their own advantages. So that alone has set in place a defense mechanism in us. 

Isn't it sad that we have to be in doubt at most the time? That we can't trust anybody but ourselves?

Anyway, I'll go through my usual pros and cons sequence before making my final decision.

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