Wednesday, December 24, 2008

MalaysiaKini SMS 24/12/08 (3)

24/12: In an unprecedented move, FT MCA Youth went to PAS HQ in KL to submit a memo to protest the Islamic party's plan to implement hudud./MKINI

Christmas Wisecracks

What's the difference between Snowmen and Snowwomen?


Merry christmas !

MalaysiaKini SMS 24/12/08 (2)

24/12: Lawyer Karpal Singh filed application in High Court to compel prosecution to appeal against analyst Abdul Razak Baginda's acquittal./MKINI

MalaysiaKini SMS 24/12/08

24/12: Ex-Umno PJ Selatan division leader Abu Zahar Hashim, who had alleged discrepancies in the RM1.6 bil Eurocopter deal, joined PAS today/MKINI

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