Thursday, January 08, 2009

Somewhere In Time by John Barry (1980)

John Barry is the composer who wrote the musical scores for the James Bond movie series, the Charlie Chaplin bio-pic Chaplin and this favourite of mine, Somewhere In Time which was starred by the late Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour. The story is about a man who travelled back in time from the year 1979 to the year 1912 to search for the lady whose photograph he fell in love with. The ending was sad because... hey I won't spoil the plot; if you guys are really interested check the movie out over at YouTube...

Below is the original theme music to Somewhere In Time

While I was checking out the original version I also came across a guitar piece by Maestro Jose Valdez of whom I think is from the Philippines . I'm impressed enough to post his video here. It's an excellent guitar piece too bad about the background noise and all:

The next version by Ernie Vasquez, though not as full as the one above, was the one that inspired me to seek out the guitar tablature of this song. This version sounds sweet and easy...

If weren't for John Barry's music, the film wouldn't have any impact at all. In this case, the music helped the movie a lot. If the music were to be mediocre, even Superman himself won't be able to save the day... (Okay, okay... the time traveling theme is good but its predominantly a love story and with romance, one needs to have the mood... I'm getting ahead of myself and it's not even Valentine's Day yet!)

Anyway, do check 'em out to remind ourselves that love is still a force to be reckoned with and there's more to life than watching the upcoming by-elections this year... 

MKini SMS 08/01/09 (2)

8/1: Govt has withdrawn a ban on The Herald that prevented it from publishing its Malay-language edition in a row over the use of 'Allah'./MKINI

Dangerously Flirting With Wordpress...

I was just fiddling around's blogging features. I find it to be more sophisticated and user friendly in comparison to I spent a couple of hours with it including importing information off this blog site to It can import my pictures but not my embedded videos and music. I guess I'd have to do it manually.

Anyway, I'm not yet ready to say bye-bye to Blogger cos it has its uses especially the go@blogger features which is essential for this blog. So maybe once Wordpress improves its mobile blogging I might consider crossing-over. So I shall stay on here...for now.

If you're slightly curious about the blog-site check out Jongandhi's Weblog. It's nothing much. Just a copy of this blog. I'm still experimenting with it.

This is fun. :)


MKini SMS 08/01/09

8/1: Govt plans another economic stimulus package in addition to RM7 bil it unveiled last year: Finance Minister 2 Nor Mohamed Yakcop./MKINI

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