Sunday, December 28, 2008


4 more days to New Year.

So how do one wraps up 2008? I don't want to talk about March 8 and the events that followed after its groundbreaking results. Instead I would like to reflect, as a person, on how has 2008 helped shaped me.

Well for one; I'm opening to the idea of a gray world oppose to the acceptable black and white world. As far as I understand the world wasn't born yesterday especially about the topic of ethics. Mankind has struggled about right and wrong since before the biblical ages. And the outcome has always ended up in conflict because both sides had insisted that they were both right. I tried to be understanding towards the opposition when I myself faced with such situations. In the end I find myself being beaten just because I chosen not go for blow for blow ( in this case petty dramatic debates). I just can't see the point to the whole thing.


Recently a friend (former) called on me one day to purchase some dinner tickets for some Christmas dinner event. I obliged and told him that I'd be there. Few days before the event, while he was drunk at another event where my wife was part of the organizing committee. My wife reported to me that this friend (former) was trying to hit on her. Upon hearing this naturally I became upset but instead of coming up to the lowlife and give him a piece of my mind (and fist), I decided to opt out from the Christmas dinner without telling him. He did try to call both my wife and I but we simply didn't answer. So I stood him up that night leaving him to ponder on how to pay for that other half of the table. I guess he is pissed off with me right now because I was told that he didn't know the purpose of my actions. I'm sure he has already forgotten that episode with my wife due to his drunkenness. When the time comes, I will inform him of the reasons of my last minute withdrawal from the Christmas dinner. 

My point in this tale is that mankind is forever struggling in morality. Normally I wouldn't do such a thing to friends but when a so-called friend starts disturbing a family member, I become very defensive. I will have my reasons and he would have his own. So how would we settle this? Usually people with lots of clout and money does stupid things like this. To vermin like these, a meeting won't have any effect. He'd just say that he was drunk and has conveniently forgotten his actions during his drunken stupor.

Anyway, I'm letting this one go. Its not worth my time to brood over this issue. That zygote will meet the consequences of his actions. Let nature run its course.

What have I gained this year? Plenty. But I don't feel like writing about them at the moment.

Only this one... I'm already figuring out about how the world works.

It is going to be an interesting 2009.

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