Wednesday, January 07, 2009

MKini SMS 07/01/09 (2)

7/1: DAP's Fong Kui Lun retained Bukit Bintang parliamentary seat after challenger Dr Lee Chong Meng withdrew his appeal in Federal Court./MKINI

Back To School Blues Part 2

Hokay. I'm back waiting for kid number 2 to finish class. I've sent kid 1 home already (we just live nearby so its cool).

Anyway, last night my kid needed help with his homework i.e Pendidikan Moral. I was disturbed to find out the only religion that was left out was Ugama Kristian. The rest are all there; Islam,Hindu,Buddha and Sikh. I had a hard time explaining to the poor confused child about our missing religion(the child's father is equally confused and poor by the way).

There are so many questions about issues that need answers in our country. And this is one of them... Why is Ugama Kristian is absent from Pendidikan Moral Darjah 4?

You know it would be very easy if I gave up Christianity in favour of Islam. The things that I'm doing now would have been super-smooth. Last year, a friend of mine converted to Islam because she wanted marry her Muslim boyfriend. A person forced to be converted to another religion in order to marry...

You know that writing about this is very depressing. Of course it is the Education Ministry's tactic to increase Islamisation of the whole nation. They go after our kids.

You want to talk about morality?

Okay, lets go.

Where is the moral in allowing a man to marry 4 times? Won't that bring hurt and disharmony to the 1st family? Of course it will! We are dealing with human feelings. Recently a family member of mine was abandoned by her muslim husband because he wanted to marry another woman. But what can she do? Complain?

Anyway that aside, we are stuck in a country full of bigots and hypocrites. It breaks my heart everytime I think about it.

Okay. Gotta go now. Kid 2 is out from class. Catch up later.

MKini SMS 07/01/09 (2)

7/1: Court of Appeal dismissed prosecution's appeal against acquittal of Gombak MP Azmin Ali for perjury in ex-DPM Anwar Ibrahim's trial./MKINI

Back To School Blues

I'm now outside my children's school waiting for them to finish. Both my kids are at the same school so its very convinient for us to fetch them. The only grievience that I may have is that I have pick them up at 2 separate times! Talk about being stressed this week! One comes out at 12 pm and the other at 1 pm. I'm still adjusting to this new arrangement the new year has given us.

I shall try not to complain :0)

Anyway, whoops... Gotta go...kid number one just came out...

MKini SMS 07/01/09

7/1: A Suhakam inquiry panel today ruled that the police had used excessive force during Bandar Mahkota Cheras fracas on May 27 last year./MKINI

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