Monday, September 08, 2008

My Reluctant First Blog...Pensiangan

Greetings Everybody,

After much pondering, I've decided to join the Blog-Wagon. Yes, as the title above says, I'm very much reluctant to share my thoughts. However, since this is a pretty much a depressing time of being a Sabahan, I hope by jotting/blogging down my thoughts here, I'll be able to find some solace.

Hoookay...Topic #1: (Drum-roll...) Potential Permatang Pauh @ Pensiangan?

I was chatting with a dear friend about this topic and he mentioned that Pensiangan would be the next Permatang Pauh for the Kadazandusun.

This got me wondering; 

Will the KDM constituents be able to resist the overwhelming monetary might of the BN?

Permatang Pauh, in my humble opinion, was an ideological battle whereby the gist of the PR's struggle is for "national unity, good governance and a vibrant democracy..."

"Our calls for national unity, good governance and a vibrant democracy have silenced the voices of racist chanting, those who profit from the abuse of power and exploit the politics of fear and deceit." Anwar Ibrahim  upon his victory in Permatang Pauh on the 26th August 2008

The newly elected YB has managed to secure his 15,671 majority in spite of facing the massive, money churning BN election machinery. I'm sure DSAI had some monetary backing, but I doubt he spent a lot as he had many grassroot supporters who are fighting for the same objectives.

Ideological objectives, that is.

What about Pensiangan?

What about the hard-core poor? 

Are they going to be open to "...calls for national unity, good governance and a vibrant democracy..."?

In Rural Sabah, the struggle is still about daily survival. 

Every ringgit and sen counts especially after the ridiculously massive increases in fuel,food and material prices.

So guess what will happen when big and mighty BN touches down upon Pensiangan and starts playing $anta Clau$?

Indeed Pensiangan will eventually be the KDM version of Permatang Pauh.

The question is... where would the KDM votes swing to...Political ideology or basic survival?

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