Monday, May 04, 2009

Just As The Seat's Becoming Warm...

... I just went and pulled another Houdini! Something is wrong with this particular blogspot... it has been acting up pretty strange lately. It's been irritating so I've created another blog. Since I've got 2 official blogs running, I've decided to call the new one simply Jongandhi III.

With this new blog of mine, there will be simply the bare essentials to work with. I'm not particular anymore about how my blog looks like; I just simply want to post stuff that finds my fancy. And no Ad-Sense for me! I just couldn't figure out how that works!

Looks like I'm saying goodbye again to this blogspot! But this time I won't promise anything; I might come back or I might not.

It doesn't really matter anyway. Be good everybody!



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Perak BN MB Engage Bomoh Service? - MalaysiaKini SMS 04/05/09

4/5: PAS Titi Serong state rep Khalil Idham Lim has accused Perak BN MB Zambry of employing a bomoh to remove Perak speaker V Sivakumar./MKINI
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