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RPK's Blog From Detention!

No Holds Barred - Heads They Win, Tails I Lose
Raja Petra Kamarudin

From the way my interrogation is going, they are trying to kill two birds with one stone. First Syed Hamid would have a strong defence against the suit that I am to file against him plus they can ensure how good my lawyers may be in defending me in the sedition and criminal defamation charges, I will never see freedom anyway. More..
My jaw dropped when I read Lim Kit Siang's latest posting! To quote him;

"RPK's blogging from ISA detention would have set off a new flurry or even frenzy among the police as to how RPK could perform such a "IT Houdini".

Like many of us, I'm thrilled to know that RPK is still fighting on. I thought after his incarceration, the Malaysian Blog@sphere has lost its loudest and strongest voice. That the morale has dropped. I got to admit, Malaysia Today , since RPK's arrest, was an empty husk.

I understand the government's strategy; take out RPK from Malaysia Today and the revolution will stop. For it was working until he achieved an "IT Houdini"(I prefer "Miracle") from the ISA detention walls!

Anyway this is the best news I got today!

Now I'm going to ask myself, "How did he do it?"

Comical Electrical

On the 24th(Wednesday) and 25th(Thursday) September 2008 from 9 AM to 4 PM, some parts of Penampang will be undergoing power shutdown;

I searched for complaints with "The Google" in the "Internets" (I remembered George W. Bush's interview just then... I've embed it here just for saturday nights laughs...) but alas I came up with nothing.

Power blackouts here are very normal. There were numerous times when the power cuts happened regularly even at the traffic lights intersection... during rush hour! I was even there when it happened. 3 times my experiences already!

Our poor SESB later informed everybody that the power cuts were  due to scrap metal thieves:

Theft of RM40 Scrap Metal Behind Blackout in Sabah
23rd April 2008
Source: The Star Online
KOTA KINABALU: Metal thieves blacked out almost the entire state of Sabah on Monday – for a mere RM40.

It is believed they removed steel pieces from a 132kV transmission tower that led to its collapse, triggering a major power blackout lasting nearly six hours from 6.41pm and affecting 300,000 consumers. More...

Here's another interesting piece;

My Chronology of Events: The Worst Power Failure in the History of Sabah, 21st April 2008

April 22nd, 2008

Well, at least since the commissioning of the East-West power grid last November, but has there ever been a case of 90% of the state experiencing electrical power failure at the same time? More..

... and this piece;

Scrap Metal Thieves Bring Down 2nd Tower in Two Weeks

Ruben Sario 2nd May 2008

Source : Star Online

KOTA KINABALU: Scrap metal thieves have struck again, causing another electric high-tension wire pylon to collapse.

However, the incident which occurred on Wednesday night did not cause a blackout because electricity at that stretch had routed through a temporary underground cable.

This is the second such incident in the city in less than two weeks. More..

So next week, SESB is going to temporarily disrupt our power supply. Having no electricity is terrible for homes and offices. To those with small children will understand the frustration when there's neither a fan nor an air-condition available especially when the weather is hot and dry. Not forgetting the offices; with no electricity means no computers, lights, air conditions , faxes and more. This equates to no work and no business.

On the event of power failure; everything stops.

In my earlier posting, I mentioned that we Sabahans are so use to disappointments. 

No joke.

We are now so jaded that its like we're dead inside.

No matter how many time we would complain; in the end it will all be for naught.

Because nothing's going to change.

SESB has been trying to build the power grids for a very long time. I won't blame the SESB staff; in fact when we call the hotline (when they finally picked up our call), they do try their best to assist us when there's blackout by sending their technicians over, even at late night. But for more than that? Like them, we're are being held up by the power that be at SESB.

"We've already lodged in your complaints. Now we're waiting for instructions." 

"So now what are we, the consumers, going to do next?"

"Wait of course."

"Duh Oookaaay; we'll wait."

"Thank you for your understanding. By the way, you're 2 months overdue... when can we expect payment from you?"

"If I pay, would it make any difference to the current situation?"

"I don't know. We still have to wait for our instructions from the top."

"What happens if I don't pay?"

"Then we'll be forced to cut off your power supply."

"What power supply? There's nothing here. I'm going to lodge a complaint."

" I can help you with that," picks up phone and calls his colleague."I've already lodged in your complaints. Now we'll wait for the complaint to be processed." 

"So now what are we going to do now?"

"Wait of course."

Perpetual Loop?

Please note that the last 2 posts today are yesterday's date. The autosave feature was unable to post properly it kept on publishing last night's time.

Could be due to the power failure just then. Aye, Sabah has many power black-outs since the beginning of time.

So when people say that we're still in the Dark Age, they are actually not far from the mark.


I think I should write about the power failures in Sabah later while taking a break from politico-watching.

Life is too short to be spent on politics alone.

See you later.

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